100 Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments by Carol Siegel

By Carol Siegel

К. Зигеля книга крестиком орнаментов восхитительное дополнение посвященное вышивке.Ее выбор это цвета мягкие, в целом, она создала привлекательные проекты. Кроме того,она включает в себя шаг за шагом инструкции для отделки,подарки на Рождество.Рекомендую эту книгу для тех,кто заинтересован в создании привлекательных праздничных украшений.

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INGREDIENTS Y4 cup (125 g) non-self-rising wheat flour Y4 cup (50 g) sugar 1/ 2 teaspoon powdered alum 1% cups (425 ml) warm water essential oil (see essential oils guide on page 33) INSTRUCTIONS l- In a stainless steel pot, combine flour, sugar, and powdered alum. 2. Add water and stir until there are no lumps. ESSENTIAL OIL 3. Bring mixture to a low boil and continue stirring until it appears almost transparent. 4. Remove the pot from heat and add a few drops of ALUM essential oil. 5. Allow the mixture to cool.

6. Repeat this process until you have created the desired number of beads. 7. Place your beads in a sunny spot with fresh air to dry. As with all papier-mache projects, drying time is relative to your climate. A day or two should be sufficient, depending on the size of your beads. Large beads may take a bit longer, small beads should dry more quickly. 8. Once the beads are dry, they are ready to be painted, collaged, and embellished. (62) GR EEN G UID E FOR ART IS TS STRINGING THE BEADS: 1. Strong and easy to thread through an embroidery needle, waxed linen is a good fiber choice.

And keep your materials sealed tightly and store them away • from children, pets, food, and drinks. ,. To make your gesso more flexible, add honey. surface for paint and ensures that your paint adheres. ,. To give it a heavier, more opaque body, add whiting. ,. To thicken, add gelatin. ,. To thin, add water. into interesting canvases for your work. ,. You can substitute casein binder (found in the casein paint recipe) for the gelatin-water mix. For a vegan alternative, substitute the gelatin-water mix with methyl cellulose glue.

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