A Critical Humanitarian Intervention Approach (Rethinking by K. Butler

By K. Butler

A severe Humanitarian Intervention technique explores methods of reconceptualizing safety when it comes to Ken Booth’s conception of global defense. This method, focusing on human improvement extra commonly can enhance upon the theoretical and sensible obstacles of solidarist theories with regards to humanitarian intervention.

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The eight propositions of the transcendental theory of Theory of World Theory of World Security and Humanitarian Intervention 23 Security, according to Booth, can be best summed up as ‘human sociality’ because this carries with it the radical possibilities immanent in the biology of being human (210). A summary of the eight propositions follows next. Biology is freedom It is our origin as biological entities and the relationship between our origins and our upbringing which make us open to change.

The theoretical practice of ‘a theory by doing’ works in the sense that a theorist’s practice may not be taken with the consideration it deserves, but if appropriately sustained by various supporting groups it cannot be ignored. Booth prescribes eight separate elements to practical theory, which I will use in Chapter 4 to suggest ways on which conditions for reciprocal prevention could be built. 2 Pure theory The purpose of this part is to propose an emancipatory approach to epistemology, which I will use in the next chapter; first, to explain why solidarist theorising on humanitarian intervention is problem-solving and, second, to build an alternative perspective which will be judged to be true to the extent that it provides favourable conditions for building upon the reciprocal prevention of SHEs.

Considering the referent of security in terms of an individual as part of a complex collective, however, requires either a sustainable approach to security or providing for security at all stages of human development. 9 Her particular interpretation of human security could be built upon the immanent, unrealised and unfulfilled possibilities embraced by an already existing work on the general concept of human security. A detailed description of her concept of human security and the description of the general concepts upon which her particular interpretation could be built is to follow in the next chapter.

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