A Leisure of One's Own: A feminist perspective on women's by M.D. Bialeschki

By M.D. Bialeschki

A transforming into physique of women's reports literature and rest literature exists. This detailed publication brings jointly those components in a fashion that permits the reader to view women's rest from a number of views supporting to supply possibilities for equality, integrity and freedom of selection inside rest.

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Basically two divisions emerged from the early organizing years: a suffrage focus and a feminist focus. The single-issue suffrage groups were primarily concerned with getting the right to vote extended to women. The feminist group was broader in its goals and approaches. This group was concerned with women being allowed to vote, but voting was only A Historical Perspective 33 one of many critical issues that feminists believed all women faced. They also believed that many rights, such as reproductive rights, equal opportunity in work, and educational rights, were denied women through the patriarchy, and as a consequence, much of women’s autonomy was sacrificed.

As a result, industrialization and its ideology lowered women’s status and diminished their paid opportunities (Lerner, 1977). According to Lerner (1977), industrialization yielded one positive outcome for women. Because of the demands and needs of industrial society, some women were able to overcome the educational discrimination that had kept them subordinate. When they faced obstacles to entering into professions, these women organized separate female institutions. In the process, a “new woman” evolved who became economically independent: a well-educated professional whose feminist consciousness found expression in the demands for rights and the organization of female pressure groups.

Formal education was not seen as necessary for girls to fulfill their life roles, and often education was perceived as competition with traditional roles. Scheduling of education, job training, and work developed to fit the male life cycle (Lerner, 1977). Leisure could also be added to that list. Women’s time (each day and across their life span) was (and still is) perceived as time that could be interrupted for whatever needs or crises arose, particularly those needs related to the family, while the time of men was respected as private.

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