A Pan-Chromatic Vw of Clusts of Galaxies and the Lg-Scale by M. Plionis, et al.,

By M. Plionis, et al.,

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17 Oram, ‘The history of the Motu-speaking and Koita-speaking peoples according to their own traditions’, in D. Denoon and R. Lacey (eds), Oral Traditions in Melanesia (Port Moresby 1981), 220-221. 18 Ibid. 19 Oram, ‘Pots for Sago’, 9. 20 Lekwai is an archaic song form which had a commemorative purpose. There is no accurate translation of this song because the language is archaic. Nevertheless, it is evident that the actions of the protagonists, Kila Wari, the Kila Kila chief, Iovanu and Kila Wari’s older brother, Kwamala are celebrated.

In the course of my meeting with Numa Nama I was shown the place where Kila Wari received the fatal blow and also the place where he died. The distance between was significant, attesting to the warrior’s endurance. Numa Nama’s version of Kila Wari’s death provides some additional details and clarifies some points that have already been made. 24 He begins: Kila Wari was a great warrior. One day he killed someone from Babaka (name unknown) so…He had two sisters. When this man was killed by Kila Wari his sisters wept so much for him and wished for someone from Babaka to kill him for doing that.

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