A Practice of Padmasambhava by Shechen Gyaltsap IV, Rinchen Dargye, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

By Shechen Gyaltsap IV, Rinchen Dargye, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

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Here it means that the experiences that were mentioned above during the unwholesome deeds are now transformed into their opposite harmonious factors. The Jewel Garland describes this: To have a long life, wealth, and no enemies, To be praised, famous, and to hear pleasant words, To have your word honored, your wishes fulfilled, To have ease of mind, and superior intelligence Are the ten effects similar to their wholesome causes. The correlated effect also involves a behavior similar to the cause, which means that in the future one will enjoy and take pleasure in the same actions that one has done previously.

2. To take what is not given refers to stealing or robbing someone else’s possessions that are not being freely given, and with the wish to acquire them for oneself. 3. Sexual misconduct can refer to having an inappropriate partner, such as someone else’s wife, a relative within seven or eight degrees of kinship, a prostitute working for a fee, someone in the custody of others—whether their parents or a king, or someone who is upholding a vow of celibacy. It can also refer to an inappropriate occasion, such as when one’s partner is ill, in distress, pregnant, menstruating, or if indulged in constantly.

Moreover, even if we do manage to gain a little experience, it will be a slow and fragile process, and we may not be able to make real progress. If, on the other hand, we accumulate virtue anew in an extraordinary way, it will awaken our spiritual potential and propensity for virtue, and we will quickly gain strong experience and realization. Therefore, we should be diligent in maṇḍala offering, which is a simple and profound method for quickly perfecting the two accumulations. To do this, first arrange the accomplishment maṇḍala with five heaps and then visualize the field of accumulation as in the previous description of the objects of refuge.

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