A Prose English Translation of Mahanirvana Tantra by Manmatha Nath Dutt

By Manmatha Nath Dutt

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That such a class of beings dO'not still! exist we have no right to contradict. ti or Ganesha. II Sadananrla'nt~ Another meaning is: that deliglzts tlze pious. ~ According to the HIndu system of Metaphysics there are three' G-unas or universal tendencies which pervade the entire universe j" namely Satlwa or the'organizing tendency; R'ajas or tne Self-centering tendency; Tamas or the disorganizing tendency. It is the first that' makes a celestial being and it is the last which makes a beast. s a god' on earth an(f by that of the last he becomes a brute.

5) Saktas-are the worshippers of the Sakti the power or energy of the Divine Nature in action. The adoration of Prakriti or Sakti has been to a certain extent sanctioned by the Puranas, but the principal rites and formul;:e are derived from a series of works which pass by the name of Tantras. Although any of the goddesses may be dbjects of the Sakta worship, and the term Sakti comprehends them all yet the homage of the Saktas is almost restricted to the wife of Siva and to Siva himself as identified with his consort.

When the last predominates in a man the tendency in him is called Pashu or bruitish. He is pervaded by a disorganizing tendency and behaves like an inferior animal. When the quality of Rajas prevails in a man he busily sets himself in a work like a hero. He seeks his own interest but works with order, plan and reason. This tendency is called Vi1'a Bhava. e. , He is an angel on earth. t These are the various forms of Tantrik worship. They sometimes practise Yoga sitting on a dead body. This is called Savasana: they sometimes sit on a Cldta or funeral pyre j they sOI11etimcs worship wi~h a Munda or a skull before them &c.

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