A Source Book in Greek Science (Source Books in the History by Morris R. Cohen, I. E. Drabkin

By Morris R. Cohen, I. E. Drabkin

Protecting the overall fields of arithmetic, astronomy, mathematical geography, physics, chemistry and chemical expertise, geology and meteorology, biology, medication, and physiological psychology, the current assortment surveys the sector of Greek medical fulfillment over a thousand-year interval. Many Greek clinical treatises have been written and skim by way of cultivated those who didn't regard themselves as experts. those works should still allure this day to these readers who desire to comprehend not just the principles of contemporary technological know-how, but in addition an essential part of the humanistic culture.

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J. Thompson 2001; Rowlandson, this volume). Abundant as the papyrological evidence is, there is also a need for the historian to exercise a certain degree of caution. Alexandria and the Nile Delta were the most populated regions of Egypt but the dampness of the soil has not favoured the survival of papyri. Papyri tend to come from marginal areas where dry conditions and lack of later settlement have aided preservation ± or from areas such as the Fayum where the desert has reclaimed the land. Nor is this material evenly spread out over time.

More often these citations are abridgements or re-wordings of what was written and may even have been reproduced from memory. Some abridgements can be substantial, notably the so-called AD Bibliotheca works now completely lost, such as ( ( , or `Library', of Photios, a ninth century scholar who wrote numerous summaries of books he had read. These included FGrH FGrH On the Red Sea by Agatharchides of Knidos 86) or the history of his home-town written by Memnon of Herakleia Pontike 434). The modern historian needs to be wary of placing too much faith in the evidence of such `fragments'; far from offering an authentic glimpse at a lost text, the process of selection, re-wording, and abridgement may have done much to distort the original work (cf.

It may have its origins in a political event ± the demise of the Persian empire ± but that event was to have enormous repercussions beyond politics, repercussions that would not recognize Actium as a boundary. When the GrecoMacedonian elite took power throughout much of the east, they not only replaced the old order, they also brought their own way of life. Greek cities were founded and developed ± centres of Greek culture and language in an alien environment, cities such as Alexandria in Egypt, Antioch on the Orontes, Seleukeia on the Tigris, or in the far east the Greek settlements in Baktria, now in modern Afghanistan.

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