A Synopsis of Physiology by A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

By A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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Blood drawn directly into alcohol does not contain * any thrombase. —According to Mellanby, it is a proteolytic enzyme which splits fibrinogen (soluble) into fibrin (insoluble) and serum globulin (soluble). Evidence for considering it an enzyme :— 1. It is destroyed by heating to 60° C. for 5 minutes. 2. Rate of reaction depends on temperature. 38 THE BLOOD Coagulation of Blood—Thrombase and Fibrinogen, continued, 3. Amount of fibrinogen clotted is independent of amount of thrombase present. 4.

Blood minus corpuscles and fibrin. , serum plus corpuscles. —(See Table, p. ) 36 THE BLOOD Plasma, continued. — Total protein 60-8-0 g. c. Serum albumin 3*6-5-4 g. c. Serum globulin 1-5-3-4 g. c. Fibrinogen 0-19-0-33 g. c. Albumin-globulin ratio, 1-2-2-6. If total protein falls below 5-5 ± 0-3 g. c, or serum albumin below 2-5 ± 0-2 g. c, oedema is usually present. —Precipitated by complete saturation with ammonium sulphate. , 73°, 77°, and 84° C. —Coagulate at 75° C. May be divided into (1) Euglobulin, precipitated by onethird saturation with (NH 4 ) 2 S0 4 .

Cf. Stannius' experiment in frog's heart : (a) Ligature between sinus and auricle—sinus goes on beating, auricle and ventricle stop; (b) Ligature between auricle and ventricle—ventricle now resumes with a rhythm of its own. A lesion in either branch of the A-V bundle causes the corresponding ventricle to contract slightly after the ventricle on the sound side, conduction being via the muscle. Rate of conduction of wave in auricular heart-muscle is 1 m. , but there is delay at the A-V node. In ventricular muscle rate is 0-4 m.

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