Advances in Botanical Research, Vol. 14 by J. A. Callow

By J. A. Callow

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Aphids on the World s Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs

Aphids are famous as pests of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, yet also they are the most biologically attention-grabbing teams of plant-feeding bugs, and hence have attracted the eye of biologists in lots of study fields equivalent to ecology, biodiversity, body structure, behaviour and genetics.

Plant Genetic Resources of Ethiopia

One of many global facilities of crop evolution and foundation, Ethiopia has lengthy been well-known as a tremendous quarter of variety for numerous significant and diverse minor plants. in line with a global convention held in Addis Ababa, this ebook describes how plant genetic range in Ethiopia is of significant value in breeding new different types of vegetation with fascinating features, akin to elevated resistance to pests and illnesses and larger model to warmth and drought.

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