Alexander the Great by Nick Hunter

By Nick Hunter

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Eratosthenes' ''Geography''

This is often the 1st glossy variation and primary English translation of 1 of the earliest and most crucial works within the heritage of geography, the third-century Geographika of Eratosthenes. during this paintings, which for the 1st time defined the geography of the total inhabited international because it used to be then identified, Eratosthenes of Kyrene (ca.

Black Athena revisited

Was once Western civilization based by means of historic Egyptians and Phoenicians? Can the traditional Egyptians usefully be known as black? Did the traditional Greeks borrow faith, technology, and philosophy from the Egyptians and Phoenicians? Have students overlooked the Afroasiatic roots of Western civilization due to racism and anti-Semitism?

The wars of the ancient Greeks : and their invention of western military culture

"The heritage of conflict in historic Greece from the heroic age of the city-states to the arrival of Rome, written for the common reader and the army fanatic by way of the prime professional within the box. "--BOOK JACKET.

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I always had to watch my back. I didn’t know whom to trust. Peace was a lot more difficult than war. e People often ask me what makes a great general. I believ it’s important to listen to those around you but, once a decision is taken, I always act ruthlessly. I had to kill some of my most trusted generals when they questioned my authority. Moan ng Ma edo ans I tried to get the Macedonians and Persians to mingbutle. Many of my closest companions married Persians, end, most of the Macedonians were not convinced.

Many of my closest companions married Persians, end, most of the Macedonians were not convinced. In the I told my army to go home if they didn’t like it. I was staying in Asia. “Some of the [soldiers] brought a litter to carry the king ... but he refused it and ordered that his horse be brought alongside. ” Alexander was injured fighting in India, but did not want to show any weakness to his army. 34 I was a powerful leader and conquered many lands. 35 Back o Babylon When I reached the city of Babylon, with its beautiful gardens, I didn’t really believe my conquering days were over.

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