Alexander The Great: The Invisible Enemy by J M O'Brien

By J M O'Brien

В последние семь лет своей жизни, Александр Великий становился все более и более непредсказуемым, подверженным спорадическим приступам ярости или маниакальной подозрительности не только к врагам, но и друзьям. Эта биография наиболее известного завоевателя древности отличается от других своим детальным анализом психологического развития Александра. В этой книге автор пользуется образным подходом к объекту своего исследования, избрав Диониса - бога вина и амбивалентности, структурой для обсуждения алкоголизма Александра и часто противоречивых черт его индивидуальности.
В своём исследовании автор рассматривает каждую значимую деталь, обсуждает культурные вкусы Александра, его религиозность, родителей, стремления, деяния, страхи, сексуальность и алкоголизм.Образцы сканов:

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He survives this unusual gestation unscathed, and later, upon learning that his mother had disappeared into the underworld, retrieves her and establishes her on Mount Olympus. Dionysus can be found in the company of loyal women throughout his mythological career. As a child he is given over to Ino, the sister of Semele, who nurses and guards him. Ino and her husband Athamas raise Dionysus as a girl in order to disguise and protect him from Hera. Irate over her consort’s infidelity with Semele, Hera maddens the god’s adoptive parents, who then murder their own children.

99 The inglorious monotony of death could be overcome, however, and it was Heracles, another of Alexander’s forebears, who had shown how it might be accomplished. This intrepid hero, cited by Aristotle in his “Hymn to Virtue,” became a god. He accomplished this through arete and labors bravely endured, and thereby showed that a seat on Mount Olympus could be the reward for one with 22 ALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY a sacred lineage who performed superhuman acts with regularity. 100 Heracles was worshipped throughout Macedonia because of his special relationship with the ruling family.

She helped to instill in the boy the conviction that he would become an overwhelming success in his own right. The relationship between Alexander and his mother was an important, and to this day still is a mysterious, aspect of his life. ”39 There is little doubt that she was one of the dominant influences in his early life. Even after Alexander had succeeded Philip, their relationship was always marked by affection and loyalty. When Alexander crossed the Hellespont to Asia in 334, Olympias remained in Europe as his redoubtable supporter.

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