Analysis, Manifolds and Physics [Part II] (rev.) [math] by Y. Choquet-Bruhat, et. al.,

By Y. Choquet-Bruhat, et. al.,

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1982). Unconstrained Extremal Formulation of Some Transportation Equilibrium Problems. Transpn Sci 16(3), 332-360. A. L. (1993). Large population approximations of a general stochastic traffic assignment model. Operations Research 41(1), 169-178. [5] Hanson S. and Huff J. (1988). Repetition and day-to-day variability in individual travel patterns. In: Behavioural Modelling in Geography and Planning, ed. K. [6] Hazelton M. (1998). Some remarks on stochastic user equilibrium. Transpn Res 32B(2), 101-108.

However, the convergence of the outer iterations is not guaranteed, but if the outer iterations do converge, the resulting estimate will, by construction, be a SDGSUE(2) solution. 7. 1. Test networks The algorithm presented in section 6 was implemented in the C language on a personal computer, in which a user-specified number of inner and outer iterations are performed. Previous experience with the algorithm in the deterministic demand case had found it to be an efficient and reliable procedure, provided that a relatively large number of inner iterations were permitted.

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