Anatomy and Physiology by Geoffrey Bourne (Eds.)

By Geoffrey Bourne (Eds.)

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3 (%) From Seaman and Malinow, 1968. G. H. D. D. D. 009 (%) 1. , 1972. Vt, tidal volume; f, respiration ratio; RMV, respiratory minute volume; DEDC, percentage of duration of the complete respiratory cycle; Vtp, pressure change between end tidal volume at inspiration and expiration; Cdyn(l), dynamic lung compliance; Rl(l), pulmonary resistance during inspiration; Rl(e), pulomary resistance during expiration; Rl, average pulmonary resistance; See also Banerjee, C. M. 1969. b 37 G. H. , 1972. , 1972.

M. 1969. b 37 G. H. , 1972. , 1972. 39 1. Anatomical and Physiological Data B. Respiratory Quotients Tables XXXV-XXXVI (From Robbins and Gavan, 1969) Twenty-seven rhesus monkeys were used ranging from infancy to middle age. They were fed Purina Monkey Chow as a routine diet. At TABLE Animal no. 6 Respiratory quotient avg. D. 84 Avg. 73 Avg. 80 a From Robbins and Gavan, 1969. Animals 1 through 6 are wild-born. 07 40 G. H. M. M. the next day. Q's. Bruhn (1934-1935) measured the respiratory quotient of six rhesus monkeys and compared it with that for mangabeys, baboons, gibbons, orangutans, and chimpanzees.

5 kc. 5 kc Monkeys No. 24 No. 60 No. , 1965. Copyright (1965) by the American Psychological Association. Reprinted by permission. 5 — G. H. 6 33 1. Anatomical and Physiological Data XI. VISUAL DATA A. Luminescence and Visual Acuity (From Cavonius and Robbins, 1973) Five monkeys were used and were estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. They had no refractive errors greater than +1D, no negative refractive errors, and no significant astigmatism. The ability of the monkeys and man to detect the gap in Landolt ring test objects were presented against background luminances between 5 x 10~5 c d / m 2 and 5 x 10~3 cd/m 2 .

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