Another Job for Biggles by w. e. johns

By w. e. johns

, 191 pages, with four colored plates, frontispiece and different line illustrations within the textual content

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All right. Let's get off this blistering dirt-track. You know the plan. I shall land with Ginger and set fire to the stuff. You, Bertie, will circle and keep an eye on us unless I signal you to come down. We'll get the job done as fast as we can. " In a few minutes both machines were in the air, climbing for altitude on a course that was roughly north-east. Ginger, who had had experience of desert flying, did not expect to enjoy the trip. Nor did he. The sun beat down with relentless force and a blinding glare made him glad that he'd brought dark goggles.

Asked Biggles quietly. " Biggles threw a quick glance at the others, eyebrows raised. "So that was it," he said softly. Then, to Zahar. " "Where is he now? " "Allaha alim. God is the knower .. " The sick man's strength was returning, and he raised himself on an elbow. "Wallah! " he demanded hoarsely. Biggles did not smile, knowing that to an Arab all men are Arabs of one tribe or another. "We are friends of Darnley Sahib, whom doubtless you remember," he explained. "He is in my face," answered Zahar, struggling into a sitting position and rolling his eyes with relish as Biggles gave him more water in small doses.

But for what Zahar has told us about the stuff being burnt deliberately, I should have said it was set on fire by accident. Hamud knows the answer. That's why I've got to get hold of him. It's the fact that he's got some seeds that worries me. Our job was to burn the stuff. Well, it's been burnt; but while there are seeds floating loose, we can't call the case closed. " "I'm afraid you're going to find it difficult to locate Hamud," said Norman thoughtfully. "It's pretty certain he isn't in Aden, which means that he might be anywhere within five hundred miles.

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