Antarctic Pinnipedia by Burt William Henry (editor), Blue Cloth Boards clean and

By Burt William Henry (editor), Blue Cloth Boards clean and tight. Very nice copy.

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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Zool. Soc. , 653-662, Fisheries and Wildlife Department, A. W. Gentry, S. R. figs. 1-6. Hedges, and F. C. Fraser of the British Museum (Natural Heller, E. History), W. Nigel Bonner of the Natural Environment Re1904 Mammals of the Galapagos archipelago, exclusive of search Council, England, Ian Stirling of the Canadian Wildthe Cetacea. Papers of the Hopkins Stanford Galapagos Expedition, 1898-1899. Proc. Calif. Acad. , life Service, Sydney Anderson of the American Museum of Ser. 3 (Zoology), 3(7):233-250, 1 pl.

It appears,from a narrow palate in this region; the sixth upperpostphotographs takenin 1957,to be the mostmaturemale caninetoothis alwayspresent,as well as a prominent specimenknown and, interestingly,has a deep zygo- diasternbetweenthe fourth and fifth postcanines, matic arch with a somewhatinterlockingjugal-squa- whereasthese features are rare in the sea lion; and mosal articulation, a condition that has been used themaxillaryshelfof the zygomais long,as in A. austo characterize A. australis in distinction from A.

2nd ed. , 3 foldout maps. London. It seemspossiblethat all speciesof Arctocephalus Allen, J. A. exceptA. pusillusand A. gazellamay be includedin 1880 History of North American pinnipeds. S. Geol. Geog. Surv. Terr. Misc. Publ. , this group. A. pusillusis quite distinct,whereasthe 60 figs. relationshipof A. gazellato either A. pusillusor A. 1905 Mammalia of Southern Patagonia. Rep. Princeton australis seemsquestionablebecauseof its extreme Univ. Exped. , 29 pls. specialization;the gradationalseries of morphologic Bonner, W.

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