Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context by Frederick G. Naerebout, Henk W. Singor

By Frederick G. Naerebout, Henk W. Singor

Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context presents a chronological creation to the heritage of historical Mediterranean civilizations in the better context of its modern Eurasian world.

  • Innovative method organizes Greek and Roman historical past right into a unmarried chronology
  • Combines the conventional ancient tale with topics which are critical to fashionable examine into the traditional international together with a number of social, cultural, and political topics
  • Facilitates an knowing of the traditional Mediterranean global as a team spirit, simply because the Mediterranean international is in its flip provided as a part of a bigger whole
  • Covers the complete old Mediterranean global from pre-history via to the increase of Islam within the 7th century A.D.
  • Features a various number of photographs, maps, diagrams, tables, and a chronological chart to assist comprehension
  • English translation of a widely known Dutch publication, De oudheid, now in its 3rd edition

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Even internal organs of bodies lost in the bog may be preserved, enabling us, for instance, to establish the composition of the last meal eaten by an individual, the presence of parasites and the general state of health. The extremely well-preserved body known as the Tollund Man was found in 1950 in Jutland, Denmark; only the head has survived (and can now be seen with a reconstruction of the body in the Silkeborg Museum). The Tollund Man suffered a violent death: he had been strangled before being deposited in the bog.

Further to the east, in India and Southeast Asia, a possibly independent development began, in which the gathering of plants and various tropical fruits and crops lead to a semi-sedentary way of life and where in the 4th millennium BC, if not earlier, the transition to rice growing was made. From here, at a later stage, the growing of rice would spread to southern China. It is still not clear whether the cultivation of grain in the loess areas of northern China had been an autonomous development as well, or that it derived, ultimately, from the Neolithic heartland in the Near East.

This, the earliest phase of metallurgy, had originated in the 7th millennium in the use of the potter’s oven for the production of ceramic pottery in northern Iraq, Iran, and Anatolia and would in the 5th and 4th millennia spread all over the Near East and large parts of Europe. It is possible, however, that in the Balkans copper metallurgy arose independently, as it would later in East and Southeast Asia. As a relatively soft metal, copper remained of limited use until in the later 4th millennium it was discovered that by applying an admixture of tin, a harder, albeit sometimes brittle metal was acquired that could well be used for various tools and weapons.

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